About Us

"Our lawyers fight hard to make sure that Your rights are protected, and work responsibly and aggresively to obtain the best result for You, the Client".

At LawyerNetwork.org, our goal is to find the best attorney to address your legal needs, and to help you work with that attorney, to maximize your outcome. Whatever your legal question, we are in the business of helping individuals and families find the best representation.

1) Let Us Help You With Our 5-Step Lawyer Finder & Evaluator

We identify specialists in your area, evaluate credentials to insure a good match, rank the top attorneys using our jury verdict and peer review databases, select the referral attorney, and make first contact - to arrange a meeting at your convenience.

2) Managing Your Case

With a LawyerNetwork.org referral, your case is monitored from start to finish, ensuring that you receive timely periodic updates from the referral attorney. In addition, we are always available to receive comments about a referral attorney -- and LawyerNetwork.org will contact that attorney on your behalf, should the need arise. We are always there to make sure you are satisfied. Don't become just another case number and fall through the cracks- use the power of LawyerNetwork.org to stay informed.

3) Get Great Results

Our referral attorneys have collected millions of dollars on behalf of our clients. LawyerNetwork.org does not have a limited attorney list that pays per referral, as with most legal search websites. We utilize the entire pool of lawyers in your area - which greatly increases our options, and your results!

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Special Note for Injury Cases

In any accident involving serious injury, there are always two big questions: What is going to happen to my health? What is going to happen to my wealth? LawyerNetwork.org attorneys understand the need to answer both of those questions on behalf of their clients.

You need to protect your health. Returning to good health is of paramount importance to LawyerNetwork.org attorneys. A lawyer does not treat you medically, but experienced attorneys have vast knowledge of local systems, practitioners, experts, and specialists, and are a huge asset when trying to recover from serious injuries. We can sort you through the hospital paperwork and insurance red tape. LawyerNetwork.org's top lawyers can help you get back on your feet.

You need to protect your wealth. Serious injury also means serious repercussions for future finances. How will my medical bills get paid? What about future medical bills? Will I be able to work again? If not, what happens? How am I compensated for my pain and suffering? What if there is not enough insurance? All of your savings, assets, and hard work are at risk. LawyerNetwork.org's attorneys work responsibly and aggressively to get you all the compensation you are entitled to as the result of an accident.

It is important to contact an attorney immediately after an accident occurs, to make sure there is a proper investigation, to help you through the medical process, and to ensure no important filing dates are missed. Let us do the work for you. LawyerNetwork.org's attormeys are professional, experienced, and ready to get you on the road to physical and financial recovery.